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Tobby Cat

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We present you a nice mug Tobby Cat, who is eagerly waiting for its new owner.

Are you a cat lover and want to have one at home, but at the moment you just don’t seem to have the time or the space for a new pet?

Don't worry, you can buy a mug with a cat print and Tobby will keep you company when you drink your favourite tea or enjoy your morning coffee. 

Since I am a cat lover myself, I gave my boyfriend a mug with a cat print on it and personalized it with the sentence: ‘’Dear Santa, please bring me a little cat (alive-not a toy, small and grey). This year I was very good!’ ’ To this day, Santa still hasn’t brought me my gift and I am worried he just couldn’t find such a kitten or that he simply can’t read. Anyway, this is a hint for a really cool present.

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