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About Us

Coffee, tea, conversation, art, friends, relaxation, colors, aesthetics and family - what do these words have in common? Perhaps a nice cup of coffee with friends and family?  Or a cup of tea maybe? Anyway, if you are just hanging out with your friends and family or you just want to enjoy some peace and quiet on your own, you can enrich it with the beautiful and elegant cups from our website.

The idea for the company was born out of the love for coffee and the love of art combined with my social nature. To all this I added my interest in entrepreneurship and voila - the first Slovenian store for cups of all kinds and models was born!

I was born into an artistic family; to a Mom, who is a painter, and a father, who has always produced various wooden products - hayracks, houses and other similar creations. That's how I fell in love with the art, and I also inherited some of the talent from my parents - or at least that is what I like to think. If you are curious how I spend my afternoons, take a look at the cups under the section Unique Cups.
Since the quality is of the highest importance for me, all the cups found under the section Different lines are made in Europe and of the highest quality.  

We want to become a recognizable brand of unique cups and cups of different lines. We want to be recognizable by the great variety of cups and mugs we have to offer, its quality, an excellent delivery service and the overall satisfaction of our customers.

We want to offer high-quality products and services at competitive prices.  Also, we want to be a socially responsible company with a good internal organization based primarily on the responsibilities towards employees and the environment.